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Cover Reveal for Falling in Paris by Fifi Flowers

COVER REVEAL - Falling in Paris - October 5th!!!
Book 3 of Fifi Flowers' Encounters series

Cover designed by Susan​ of Wicked Women Designs​


For years, bookstore owner, Émile Capet, lived his life simply... carefully guided by a family curse. Happy in his book world.

With the request for a certain rare book, he begins to question why someone would be fascinated by paved stones. How could they be considered romantic? To him, they were often dangerous. His conclusion is confirmed when he finds himself rescuing a beautiful woman sprawled out on a cobblestone sidewalk.

However, this emotionally guarded hero may change his opinion and his lifestyle once he gets to know the injured woman, Avril Paulson, who just so happens to possess a special edition of the much sought after Romancing the Cobblestone book.

Avril, a book collector, owns an online book business which allows her to experience a life as, what she calls, a book gypsy. She hasn’t lived in one location for several years, loving the thrill of new adventures. Staying at a client’s apartment in Paris, she finds herself being rescued by a gorgeous Frenchman after tumbling over cobblestones.

Ironically, the two begin an awkward dance of the unknown, contemplating the same question… Cobblestone: dangerous or romantic

Could it be that it is a little bit of both?



Reclining Nude in Chicago, Encounter book 1

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Taming the Curator, Encounter book 2

Happy Reading!!!

New Cover for Yours Always by Rhonda Dennis

 cover designed by Susan of Wicked Women Designs


Savannah Mason might be a survivor, but she refuses to live. Reclusive by choice, her days consist of working at a call center, while nights find her locked safely away within the walls of her tiny apartment. In her mind, not tempting fate is the only way to prevent future pain and suffering.

Fletcher Reilly is also a survivor. As a veteran afflicted with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he understands pain and suffering all too well. After a chance meeting with Savannah, he makes it his mission to free her from the torment of her past. A beautiful relationship begins, however, the more life he breathes into Savannah, the more Fletcher falters with his own healing. She’s still a delicate butterfly finally emerging from her cocoon, so he does all he can to hide his own suffering.

Demons from his past launch such a vicious assault on him that he’s finally forced to share his secret with her. Will Savannah see him through the most difficult battle he’s ever fought, or will their relationship eventually buckle under the pressure of an unseen enemy? 

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